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Chalice is an homage to the holy grail of love, the vessel of love. Clary sage, also used to flavor claret wine, is a complex herbal/floral essence that has licorice, hay, tobacco, and amber notes; some even say ambergris, which I have personally experienced only in my aged materials. Because of the many beneficial properties to female health and libido, I use clary sage liberally in this perfume. Chalice has bergamot in the top and is spiced with clove, nutmeg, saffron, and tarragon to evoke mulled wine. It’s rich heart has aged clary sage absolute and a blend of the smoothest, richest selections of essential oil available, plus earthy, buttery tuberose. And the base has douglas fir absolute (one of my favorite perfume ingredients), sandalwood, and frankincense. Chalice also has a very generous portion of ambergris - my very own, very special ambergris that I acquired at the beginning of 2020. I tinctured to 20% a 100g solid tan piece ( a perfect sphere, found in the sands of Mozambique). Tan or gold ambergris is said to have tobacco notes, but this has a most amazing floral top note and not so much the dirty mustiness that many of my other ambergris pieces have (the greys, dark and light browns are more musty). 10 ml roll-on