Become The Alchemist - introduction to natural perfume

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Become the Alchemist – take ordinary ingredients and transform them into gold!  

Perfume is beautiful and inspiring and its creation is inspired by beauty and passion. The creation of perfume is an alchemical process that is part art and part chemistry with a bit of knowledge and discipline required.

This class is famed natural perfumer Mandy Aftel’s Basic Perfume class taught by her students. In 2019 in her Berkely studio and in 2020 via virtual seminars, she gave the last “Teaching the Basic Class” to a small group of students from her Advanced Studio Perfume workshops who have her Level 2 certificate. I was one of the last to get this authorization to teach the class, and I’m so delighted to be able to offer it in Texas.

In this 2 ½ to 3 hour class we will briefly discuss the history of perfume from ancient times to the time of the advent of synthetic aroma chemicals, and the difference between natural perfume materials and synthetic perfume materials.

Eighteen natural ingredients will be introduced and experienced in detail.  Participants make notes about the ingredients and learn to recognize key qualities of each. We will use Mandy’s newly revised fragrance wheel to familiarize ourselves with fragrance families and base, middle and top notes.

For the bulk of the time, participants create a perfume composition with up to 6 ingredients. The composition includes base notes, middle notes and top notes of their choosing. We learn how to create a formula and try it out by using scent strips. I review each formula and give feedback. When the formula is satisfactory, each perfumer will blend the ingredients and finish the perfume by bottling it in a bottle of their choice.


This in-person class is taught in my studio in Austin, Texas and is limited to 5 participants per class.