Why don't you accept returns?

These are hand made, small batch (1/2 to 1 liter of a 'vintage' for each formula) 100% natural perfumes, and are one-of-a-kind. Because there is no way to re-use a sold bottle, I cannot accept returns. I do offer 1 ml samples at a very reduced cost, so you can try on a perfume before you buy. There are also perfume exchanges where you can trade or gift away an opened bottle of perfume.


What is the best way to try my natural perfume sample?

There is only one way to appreciate natural perfume: naturally!

Start with clean, moist skin that is fragrance free, and apply it in a place away from smoke, fumes, and strong fragrances in the room. If you use organic products or unscented products, your nose is probably sensitive enough to appreciate the finer nuances of an authentic perfume.

I think the best way to get to know a natural perfume is after a warm tub soak with a gently scented hand-made soap, when your skin is flushed and dewy.

Wear your perfume and get to know it over time to see how it blooms and blends with your body during the day. Reapply in the evening, or better, wear it to bed, before deciding to invest in a larger bottle.


Why don't you ship outside North America?

Some countries have restrictions for perfume and perfume ingredients; and my products are hand-made.


You say your perfume is all natural, is it vegan?

My goal is to make perfume that is as authentic and traditional as possible, with materials that I can acquire through reputable sources. For this reason, animal substances are used in trace amounts in some of my perfumes. Most but not all of my perfumes contain ambergris, which is a waxy substance from the sperm whale that is found on beaches.

Some of my formulas also include animal "musk" like hyraceum, castoreum, or civet, which to the best of my knowledge is obtained in humane fashion. Some of these materials were used to flavor food in the not-so-distant past! These materials are used with great care and artistic discernment, to transform a formula from "that's nice" to "this is exquisite!"


If natural perfume is made with essential oils, how is it different from aromatherapy?

Essential oils for aromatherapy are used for therapeutic reasons, rather than for the sensory pleasure of their fragrance. I started off with EO's in the late 1990's by using them for musculoskeletal problems in my medical practice.

There is some cross-over into the natural perfume domain these days, in that some EO shops are blending essences that are less medicinal smelling, for example for 'calming' or 'uplifting' purposes.

Natural perfume is however a very dialed-in use of scented materials, to create an odor-profile that is very refined and highly pleasurable rather than therapeutic. Many of the materials are not commonly used in aromatherapy because they don't have significant therapeutic properties, or they are too expensive.